Retail Management Software

Retail Management Software is a software for retail stores catering to all kinds of products like garment stores, restaurants, mobile stores, electronic appliances, automobile stores, computer hardware, stationary shops etc.


Add User

Create new users for the system

Manage Users

Edit, change status of existing users

Employee Management

Create, update and change status of sales employees

Barcode Management

Create and enter existing barcode for products

Users Rights

Manage user rights and control DRMS users


Add Vendor

Enter new vendor to purchase products

Manage Vendors

Edit, updated and change vendor status

Search Vendors

Search vendor using unique vendor code


Manage Stock

Add, edit and updatge stock and product purchases.

Product Management

Create and manage category, sub-category and products.

Print Labels

Print barcode labels as per batch number.

Adjust Inventory

Remove damage stock, record purchases returns.


Create Bill

Generate new bill with offers and print the same

Manage Bills

Execute chat bills, edit bills and delete bills.

Special Offers

Create, manage and apply special offers on sales.

Cash Management

Record cash expense and collections to manage cash


New Customers

Add new customer and manage existing customers.

Customer List

Know your customers and their buying habits.

Search Vendors

Find customer, add detail and know respective sales.


Sales Report

Know complete sales details day, month product etc.

Stock Report

Find out your inventory levels and order new stock.

Product Report

Do you know the number of products you have?

Cash Report

Match daily cash balance and monitor total cash box.